For years, I’ve had it on my bucket list to visit Baler, Aurora. The only thing that really stopped me was that I used to think it’s too far up in the north like Pagudpud, Ilocos. What convinced me to make the trip? There was a span of time when my feed was being flooded with photos of my friends who’ve been to Baler. That’s when I finally made up my mind. It’s time to go. Besides, it’s been too long since my friend, Ate Kwin, invited me to her province. Baler unquestionably deserves a place on your list of go-to places to satisfy your beach cravings this summer.



On a Friday, Ate Kwin, Ate Grace and I took the midnight Genesis bus bound to Baler. We arrived at the bus terminal in Baler a couple of minutes past 5:00 AM. When I alighted the bus and saw the happy face of Ate Kwin’s dad, who was there to fetch us, I immediately knew that it was going to be a terrific trip. He drove us straight to Bayler View Hotel where we met with Ate Kwin’s mom and had breakfast. Her parents were very willing to accommodate us. They literally looked just as excited as we did! It was at the same hotel where I also had my first glimpse of the beach. We actually strolled along the shore as soon as we finished eating. We just couldn’t wait! After that, we proceeded to Charlie’s Point Oceanwave Resort for check-in.

Charlie’s Point is located on the beachfront which is great. Without a doubt, having an easy access to the Sabang Beach is a plus point for Charlie’s Point! (Why the hell am I being redundant here!) Anyways, we decided to rest the whole morning, then go out exploring in the afternoon.


After having a filling lunch at Ate Wina’s Carinderia at the Rolling Store, we headed directly to Ermita Hill. You shouldn’t miss this if you plan on traveling to Baler anytime soon. It boasts an astounding view of the Pacific Ocean and Sabang Beach. It also offers a relaxing vibe as it is surrounded by trees and the wind is there to cool you down (and whisper in your ears).

Ermita Hill Ermita Hill Ermita Hill


Diguisit Beach is not too far away from Ermita Hill. It takes only about ten minutes to get to the area by car. It showcases stunning rock formations by the sea. These rock formations are actually visible from the Sabang Beach. Well, of course, they look tiny from there, so don’t miss the chance to see them up close. By the way, you may catch a sight of the Diguisit Falls along the way which is just beside the road.

Diguisit Diguisit Diguisit Diguisit Diguisit Diguisit Diguisit

So, that’s all we did on our first day in Baler. We ate dinner at Playa Azul and spent the rest of the night on the roadside staring at the stars. That night was magnificent and perfect. It felt great to be away from the noise of the city for a while. The sound of waves crashing on the shore was music to my ears. And, to top it all off, the air was fresh and the company was awesome. Lastly, I’ve never seen a shooting star (meteor) before, but I’m happy to say I saw a few in the night sky in Baler.


Hello, day two! Following our short walk that morning was a breakfast buffet at the Hungry Surfer, Bay’s Inn. If there’s something consistent during our trip, it’s good food! We finished breakfast with dessert at Dialyn’s Bakeshop. Damn, the cupcakes were uh-mazing! Also, there were these cute cats around the bakeshop. One greeted us as we walked in. I was told her name is Tanya. My heart absolutely melted the second I glanced at her! She’s exceedingly charming, that I immediately walked towards her. While writing this, I’m actually struggling to find the right word to describe that moment. There isn’t.

Sabang Beach Sabang Beach Sabang Beach Dialyn's Bakeshop


Everywhere I go, I always want to try new things. Baler is one of the top surfing spots in the Philippines, which was why I didn’t wanna leave without at least learning the basics. The thought of literally riding the waves sort of scares me, but at the same time, there’s something fulfilling and invigorating in indulging in nerve-racking activities. Thankfully, surfing lessons are very available at the Sabang Beach. The whole experience was surreal! Yes, I’m not an expert yet, but being able to stand and balance myself on a surfboard a couple times is something. That has got to be something!

Sabang Beach

Being dauntless for a while definitely diluted my energy, so hunger strikes! Ate Kwin knows how much I loooove quesadilla, so she brought me and Ate Grace to The Good Food.


In the afternoon, we went to the Poblacion purposefully to buy some pasalubong. Since we were already there, we took time wandering around. The replica of Doña Aurora’s ancestral house is situated in front of the parish church. Sadly, entree to the house was prohibited during that time, so here’s a photo I snapped from the outside, instead.

Doña Aurora Aragon-Quezon House


The local museum is also located in the Poblacion, just a stone’s throw away from the replica house. We again, unfortunately, didn’t get to enter the museum due to time constraints. Still, taking a closer look at the beautiful exterior was somehow enough for us.

Museo de Baler


Completing our sojourn is a quick ride to the hanging bridge of Baler. I wanted to cross the bridge, but it was getting dark and Ate Grace was hilariously panicky. We ended up just taking pictures until nightfall.

Baler Hanging Bridge

The next morning, we had to wake up early to catch the bus headed to Manila. It was time to get back to reality. Dear Baler, thanks for the tan and for the memories!

P.S. For more details on the tourist attractions in Baler, click here. Ask me anything and state your suggestions in the comments section below. ♥

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